About Us

Here at Apprentice, we are dreamers who aim to shake up the legal industry and revolutionize how the industry interacts with its stakeholders. We strive to equip law students and legal professionals, across all fields, with tools to shape a better version of themselves and unlock their professional best.

The idea of Apprentice germinated from the actual struggles of a law student, journeying through a non-National Law School with a nagging feeling of unpreparedness and consequent resentment over lack of opportunities. However, after working as a legal professional in multiple organisations and drawing from these experiences, Apprentice’s motto was crafted – “There is no dearth of opportunities. Only a deficit of skills and readiness.”

Apprentice, a tri-vertical business, is determined to become your one-stop shop for all things legal. With Apprentice Skill Shop, our skill development academy, we strive to change the way law is taught and perceived. With Apprentice Insights, our legal blog, we offer theoretically and practically relevant posts to legal professionals to keep themselves updated and ahead of the curve. With Apprentice Career Connect, our legal recruitment services, we offer the perfect tool for job seekers and employers in the legal industry.

Our team of talented and motivated lawyers and HR professionals work hard to redefine and reconfigure the rules of this noble profession every day. Be a part of our exciting journey as we create a place of opportunity –To learn. To network. To grow professionally.