What is Apprentice?
Apprentice, a tri-vertical business, is determined to become your one-stop shop for all things legal. With Apprentice Skill Shop, our mentorship program, we strive to change the way law is taught and perceived. With Apprentice Insights, our legal blog, we offer theoretically and practically relevant posts to legal professionals to keep themselves updated and ahead of the curve. With Apprentice Career Connect, our legal recruitment services, we offer the perfect tool for job seekers and employers in the legal industry.

I am having trouble creating a profile. What should I do?
If you have trouble signing in or logging in to the website, please write to us at admin@theapprentice.in and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

How do I retrieve my password?
To retrieve your password click on Forgot Password, fill your email ID in the space provided and you will receive the link to change your password on your email. Click the link and type in a new password to reset it.
Who can be our writers?
Any law graduate with more than 2 years of experience in any area of law can write for us on an article pertaining to their field of expertise.

What are the advantages of publishing an article on our blog?
Apprentice's celebrates the expertise and efforts of the writer. We ensure that the writer gets maximum visibility through our blog and social media handles.

How can Apprentice help you in the writing process?
Apprentice's editorial team will assist you in choosing the topic, developing the scope together, structuring, formatting and editing the article. We work with you from start to finish of the writing process.

How do I report an IP infringement?
Please fill in the Report IP Infringement form here on our Contacts page. We will look into it within 2 working days.
Why should I create a candidate profile?
The advantages of creating a candidate profile are that you will -

  • Get included in our database for future job opportunities.
  • Get your profile published on our website.
  • Increase your chances of being spotted by an employer/recruiter.
  • Get to save and share jobs with your friends.
I have submitted my candidate profile, what next?
Apprentice's recruitment team will review your candidature and will reach out to you in case of any relevant positions or for any further clarifications.

Does a candidate have to pay to post their profile on Apprentice or to get recruited?
No, Apprentice does not charge the candidates for the services provided.

How do I update my CV and candidate/employer profile?
Once you log in click on profile in the dashboard and click on the edit option to update your profile or CV.

How does the job posting process work?
As soon as you fill out all the information at here , our legal recruitment team will get in touch with you to explain more about our terms and services. After which, the job post will be made visible on our website.

How do I know the status of the job that I have applied for?
Apprentice's recruitment team will get in touch if your profile is suitable for any of the positions you have applied for.

How do I see the jobs that I have saved?
Once you have logged in, you will be able to see the saved jobs and applied jobs categories or the dashboard respectively.
Why should I create an employer profile?
The advantages of creating an employer profile are -

  • We provide recruitment services exclusively to law firms, independent advocates, in house legal departments and LPOs in India.
  • Creating an employer profile is a first step to start your search and selecting the right candidate who will be pre-screened by our team of HR and legal professionals.
  • We help you post job openings on our website.
  • Get access to our database to view and select from the profiles of candidates.
How much does Apprentice charge employers for unlocking the profile of a candidate?
The terms of our recruitment services will be detailed to you by our recruitment team when you submit your requirement.

How do I see the jobs that I have posted?
The jobs that you have posted will be verified by our team and reflected on the job search page on our website within 36 hours from the time we receive complete information from you. If you still don’t see it, write to us at clients@theapprentice.in

How do I see the candidate profiles that I have saved?
Once you have logged in, you will be able to see the saved candidate profiles under the saved category of your profile.
How are Apprentice's courses different?
Apprentice's courses are different because:

  • They are well researched and our team of content developers tirelessly invest in the content to keep it updated, technically sound, practically relevant and at the same time interesting and engaging.
  • They are built in association and consultation with legal professionals who are practicing in the respective area of law and are well conversant with the practical skill sets required . They identify with our objective of imparting application based skills and their valuable inputs improve our courses authenticity and quality.
  • Our mentors have considerable experience being a mentor and mentee.
Whom are the Apprentice's courses meant for?
Apprentice's courses are meant for students who are currently pursuing law or new law graduates.

How do students benefit from Apprentice Skill Shop?
Students of Apprentice Skill Shop benefit in the following ways:

  • They learn legal concepts that are not generally taught in law schools.
  • They acquire skills which would increase the strength of their profile and gain an edge over other applicants.
  • We handhold them to transition from the role of a law student to a legal professional.
  • Their chances of getting an internship or placement increases.
  • They acquire skills and practical exposure to perform better in internships and accelerate the growth of their career.
How do I enroll in the courses offered by Apprentice Skill Shop?
If you would like to enroll for our courses, write to us at contact@theapprentice.in and our team will revert in 2 working days.

Does Apprentice offer services to law colleges?
Yes. Apprentice offers services specially to law colleges. Write to us at clients@theapprentice.in and we will provide the details of our services.

Other than skill developments programs, does Apprentice provide other services to law colleges?
Yes. Please reach out to us at the details provided in the Contact Us page.