In-House Legal Counsel 101

About the course
The In-house Legal Counsel 101 course equips students with skill sets and knowledge that are required when working as in-house legal counsels. The course interalia throws light on contract law and its application; the workings of a corporate world; contract drafting, negotiation, execution and management; and soft skills. Our In-house Legal Counsel 101 course is well researched and our team of content developers tirelessly invest to keep the content updated, technically sound, practically relevant and at the same time interesting and engaging.

Advantages of the course

  • Teach skills that are not taught in law school.
  • Give a sneak peak into the workings of an inhouse legal department.
  • Give students an edge over other applicants.
  • Equip students to actively contribute and ace their assignments in their internships or in their first year of work as a junior Litigating lawyer.
  • Increase students’ chances of getting an internship or a placement in a company/firm.

About the course specialists
Our courses are built in association and consultation with legal professionals who are practicing in the respective area of law and are well conversant with the practical skill sets required by in-house legal counsels. They identify with our objective of imparting application-based skills and their valuable inputs improves our course’s authenticity and quality.

About the mentors
Apprentice strongly believes that only a person “who has been there and done that” can effectively train someone and therefore, we endeavour to ensure that our courses are taught by legal professionals working as in-house legal counsels and who, in such capacity, have the experience as both a mentor and mentee.